Meet Lalita

Lalita Amos, Qualifications
Total Team Solutions, LLC, her company, has been in existence for almost 20 years. The organization provides custom assessments, individual and team-focused leadership coaching, training, human resource consulting, organization development, and mediation.

Ms. Amos has been a coach, coach training designer, coach trainer, and academic researcher into the coaching of individual leaders and leadership teams. She was a co-leader on the design team that created the first executive coach certification program for the New York University and was the senior trainer for Results Coaching Systems, the leading coaching training and certification program in Australasia and Europe. She has served on the International Coach Federation’s Research Community of Practice, a global research body that explores coaching as a science. Her own research is around the relational influence processes at work in both leadership and in coaching. She has trained through Results, Landmark Education, the Corrine True Justice Center, and elsewhere. She stands to be awarded her Doctor of Psychology in the Psychology of Executive Coaching this summer. Her Master Degree is in International Human Resource Management (summa cum laude) and her baccalaureate is in the Psychology of Motivation from Purdue University (cum laude).

Ms. Amos is an adjunct faculty member at the IUPUI School of Public and Environmental Affairs where she teaches graduate courses on human resource management and undergraduate courses on organization behavior. She was, recently, invited to give a well-received TED Talk entitled “Two Radical Ideas about Listening.”

Ms. Amos serves her community through her participation on the Dean’s Advisory Counsel for the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University. She is also a proud academic philanthropist, having fully endowed two scholarships—one at Purdue, her alma mater¸ and at Tuskegee University where her husband, Mr. Garland Borden, attended.

Meet Garland

Garland A. Borden, II, PMP Qualifications
Mr. Borden has a long career in information technology and in global IT project management. He is a certified Project Management Professional with the Project Management Institute. With that certification, he has led the development and completion of projects involving such issues as electronic data interchange, process controls, and global computer-aided design for new product development at two Fortune 150 companies and for the US Navy. While working for the Department of the Navy, he served on a team that created ISO Standard 10303, an International Standards Organization standard for electronic data interchange. As an IT leader at Tuskegee University, he managed the Computer Services department, creating the first alumni and donor record system, as well as taught computer science courses.

In addition to having been on the faculty at Tuskegee University, he has been an adjunct faculty member for IUPUI, where he taught computer sciences courses for undergraduates.

Mr. Borden serves his community through Haiti Outreach, an organization that is committed to addresses the water crisis in that earthquake-ravaged country. He is a proud alumnus of Tuskegee University, having endowed a scholarship which will provide funds for college students in perpetuity.


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