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One of the places we find the greatest organizational derailment is in the creation and execution of plans. Often they are unclear and unaligned, having little to do with driving the monthly, weekly, or daily activities of the enterprise.

Planning with Execution in Mind

We have adopted One Page Business Plan system for its clarity, conciseness and ease of regular use. A consolidated plan provides the overall scope and direction of the business, while sub-plans for business units, functions or even large-scale projects provide the “how” with respect to the core plan’s fulfillment. In addition to a planning system based on clarity, the enterprise has a performance management system that takes the guess work out of succession planning, performance review, and feedback.

Cloud Based

In the enterprise system, plans are interconnected using an electronic dashboard which can be reviewed and updated on a variety of electronic platforms. Management team meetings are less about the work “in the weeds,” but about see where peers may need resources or people. At any point, dependent on permissions granted for viewing and commenting on plans, others can see and comment on plans in this cloud-based system, offering ideas, resources and support.

Coaching for Stretch and Accountability

Strategic plans, when markets or organizations are experiencing turmoil, defy the status quo thinking. However, old systems and thinking were once useful and effective. The One Page Business Plan system is a perfect “container” for new results, requiring new thinking, organizing and acting. Coaching is provided to help the leaders with developing those new organizational competencies, addressing drift, and spotting talent for future development and placement.


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