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My specialty is working with busy, executives and entrepreneurs in technology, life sciences and infrastructure industries to be both professionally and personally profitable. I’ve helped hundreds of people through individual and group coaching, as well as customized workshops and programs and was name the Northern Hemisphere Results coach of the Year for 2004. I’ve spoken in intimate settings and am equally comfortable in front of groups of 900 or more.

I speak on a variety of topics, and always tailor my presentation to the interests and needs of the group. The following are two topics I’ve found to be of the greatest interest to business owners and professionals. Here is a brief description of each.


One of the biggest mistakes business owners and professionals make is not having clearly defined, written goals. Another place, frankly, they fail is in having goals that are inconsistent with the aims of their business or department and out of synch with who they are–their core values. The only thing worse is having no goals at all. In fact, the mere mention of goal-setting leaves most people with feelings of either icy dread or a “here we go again” sense of déjà vu. This fast-paced workshop outlines ways you can create and achieve goals for your business that leave you with a sense of accomplishment and of personal satisfaction.

Is Your Networking working?

Let’s face it, there is no loss of opportunities for us to get out and meet people, but is there something else we’re missing that would have us have more profitable business relationships and closed sales? Can we really have other people generate business for us? Who are they and why in the world would they do this for us? What do we need to know that would ramp up our referral marketing efforts, saving us lots of time and making us lots more money?

Change or Die!

When faced with the grim fact that we must change our behavior to mitigate an impending health crisis, the sad truth is that we don’t. One of nine will change to avoid that crisis. That statistic not only applies to personal health: It applies to business health as well. Given that we know what to do to keep our businesses healthy, why do only 1 out of 9 succeed? This lively talk outlines key steps necessary to long-lasting, positive business change.

I promise that your group will leave my presentation energized and with ideas they can begin to implement to enhance their professional and personal effectiveness. They’ll take with them proven tools and techniques to be more successful in their business endeavors while enhancing and expanding their experience of everyday life.

Other presentations:
    - Workplace Coaching: How leaders can support teams and individual contributors to produce greater, long-lasting results.
   -  Social Networks and Other Media: How to Combine Social Networks with Other Media
   -  Defending Your Reputation Online: Panel discussion on protecting your personal, professional and business brand online.


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