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The strategic aims of human resources are similar to and should align with the overall strategic vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization. At the heart of strategic planning is the ability to answer and respond to questions about the competition. Often, however, the HR department is charged with little more than administrative activities such as address changes and payroll. Missing are opportunities to help shape—and advance—the strategic vision and mission of the organization.

What we do begins with an assessment of the relationship between the HR unit and the organization’s goals and direction. Then, we ascertain the expectations of the senior leaders of that HR unit. We examine the set of interconnected systems that make up the strategic HR function for effectiveness, completeness, compliance and alignment with the organization’s goals. Finally, we work to help further shape the HR unit into a group of trusted advisors on such matters as succession planning, development, attrition planning, and the evidenced-based determination of new areas for expansion.


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