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Total Team Solutions offers a number of services that will enable the business executive to:
Fix toxic office environments
Discover who your most valuable assets are and who your liabilities are
Find a management style that not only works for you, but works for your team
Allow you to lead and inspire your team to greater efficiency, greater profits and happier working relationships.

Processes for strategic planning and execution have changed little in the past thirty years. According to a report in the Harvard Business Review (2006), only 11% of CEO’s expressed being highly satisfied with their strategic planning process–that it was worth the effort. Eighty-nine percent found their strategic planning process a frustrating exercise that took too long, was inordinately complex, made little sense, didn’t provide flexibility or nimbleness and was hard to implement. CEO’s complained their planning processes exhausted their time and money and provided very little comparative vales. The One Page Business Plan serves as a “container” for your very best business thinking. It strips out the complexity associated with business planning, leaving your with priceless tie, money and energy for the real work–executing your plan! Periodic team and individual coaching, provided by a highly-trained, certified, world-class coach helps you keep on track, aiding you greatly to stretch and generate the new habits and systems required to achieve higher-level results. Contact us for more information about a One Page Business and Performance Management System implementation for your organization.


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