Mastermind Advisory Groups

Mastermind Advisory Groups

What Is It?

Henry Ford built his business utilizing the power of the Mastermind. He used it to change his thinking and move him out of poverty, illiteracy and ignorance to create one of the most successful businesses of all time. He aligned himself with some of the best thinkers of his day and met regularly in a facilitated group to discuss long-range plans as well as immediate opportunities.

How Does It Work?

Participants in Success Factory Mastermind Groups will have an individual planning session to determine the results they want to produce, generating a One Page Plan to clarify desired outcomes and will sign a Non-Disclosure/Integrity statement, so people will be free to speak about the most-sensitive elements of their business functions.

Groups are limited to no more than nine business-owners.

The sessions will be lead by a trained facilitator/certified coach for maximum results. You get the best thinking of the other participants to help you with important decisions and use the power of coaching to help you deal with necessary shifts in thinking and action that will support long-lasting change and to help keep you accountable. At each session, you’ll report back to your fellow members on progress.

Groups will be divided into Incubator and Accelerator groups. Each month, a business service professional will meet with participants to answer specific questions on issues like: web design, internet security, marketing, and trademarks and intellectual property.

Indy Face-to-Face Sessions

Future face-to-face sessions are forming. Contact us if you want to be on the list for the next Information Session.

Virtual Mastermind Groups

Teleconference groups are also being formed and will meet. Contact us if you want to be on the list for the next Information Session.


The Success Factory Mastermind Incubator/Accelerator

Level 1:

Bi-Monthly Mastermind Group Only. One individual planning session with your coach. One 90-minute Mastermind conference meeting (or conference calls for virtual groups) One Page Business Plan software license and other Worksheets and Materials


Level 2:

Mastermind + Individual Coaching. One, 90-minute conference calls each month One Page Business Plan software license and other Worksheets and Materials One, 25-minute individual coaching call each month. In the individual coaching calls, we’ll work on your specific challenges. We’ll create specific strategies and actions for the week and we’ll explore and develop new habits to support your new ways of working.


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